Hazelnuts | Experiences

We are an Agricultural Company and we produce Hazelnuts. Our Cascina and the farm, with horses, sheep, chickens and pigs, are embraced by the Hazel groves, green expanses that cover the hill. Hazelnuts are now an integral part of the Alta Langa landscape, a land suited for this crop, and we cultivate them in the most sustainable way. In fact, we use our sheep to keep the grass low, we do not use pesticides and fertilize as much as possible with manure and natural materials. In this way our Hazelnuts get an added value and nature thanks!

The most intense period of the year is the harvest, the whole family is involved: the Hazelnuts must be gathered, harvested, cleaned and dried quickly and to do this you need the arms of all 7 (see the pictures to get to know us)!

Then the Hazelnuts are stored and shelled little by little during the year, always on the farm, to then be taken to the Patisserie and processed, and the shells? We burn them to warm up and supply our home, bakery, inn and holiday homes with hot water.

But let’s go back to Hazelnuts, in the Patisserie we roast them at low temperatures and for a long time to keep their aroma and nutritional elements intact and not to burn the oils. The aesthetically best Hazelnuts are sold as such or flavored with salt, chilli, sugar or cinnamon; the less beautiful ones are used instead to produce creams, cakes, biscuits, chocolates and our other delicious products.

At this point we have closed the Hazelnut cycle, but we have gone further. Over the years we have opened a farm to welcome tourists here in the Cascina. The first to be inaugurated are the Holiday Houses, renovating from old buildings to which we have added our touch. Then we studied the Guided Tours: experiences with which we show everyone the World of Hazelnuts, from the field to the table. Finally we opened the Inn: here you can taste our products or enjoy our lunches based on hazelnuts and products from our farm!

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